meet the whole family

We have inherited our love for people from generation to generation, and our passion for beauty, professionalism and seriousness have helped us to shape a success story around The Lodge. The love for beauty and nature laid the foundations of a cozy home and we shared that with all those who entered our doors. The story continues, and we follow the simple rules of life, to be present!


The lodge is established at an elevation of 7777 feet on the Ute Pass Trail at the base in the picturesque town of Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, and named Columbine Hotel.


Columbine Hotel (upper photo) stands out in stark relief to the denuded landscape following a forest fire. The Columbine Lodge (bottom photo) offers perhaps less grandeur, but all the same a safe harbor for tourists and weary travelers alike.


At this time, the lodge is an old, abandoned building. One day, Tim, the current owner, passes by the lodge and there was a racoon looking out the window of one of the rooms so Tim, conquered by the breathtaking views of the mountains, decides to buy the lodge, refurbish it and have this place open for people who love a getaway in the mountains.


The historic Green Mountain Falls Lodge celebrates 111 years. It used to be the stage stop 100 years ago and is welcoming guests 111 years later. The rooms are smaller and have more “character” than one of a new built chain hotel but each room is unique and special in different ways

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